Stock Tins

If our Standard Products don’t quite meet your needs, Sure-Can has a wide range of capabilities that ensure we are able to meet your needs. We are able to produce cans in a wide range of diameters and heights. The diameters depend on the type of can/tin you are looking for. Can/Tin heights can be manufactured to any height you require (45mm to 400mm).


In the Lever Lid (Paint Tin) version the diameters available are:

  • 74mm (3″ or 301)
  • 89mm (3.5″ or 310)
  • 99mm (4″ or 401)* See note below
  • 113mm (4.5″ or 410)
  • 153mm (6″ or 601)
  • 165mm (6.5″ or 610) **
  • 176mm (7″ or 701)

* available as a standard ring or with larger opening (101) or Triple-Tite.

** available as a Triple-Tite only

Further Information

  • Can be supplied in boxes or on pallets.
  • MOQ of 1,000 Applies to Diameters 74mm – 113mm
  • MOQ of 500 Applies to Diameters 153mm – 176mm
  • If Cans are supplied on pallets then only complete layers will be supplied.
  • Lids available with all Lever Lid Cans
  • We also can supply Deep Drawn Lids(Used for Body-filler Cans) – Diameter Available : 113, 153 & 176mm available in most finishes.
  • Plug Lid Tins are available in 99, 113, 153, 162mm
  • Open top tins are also available in all diameters and heights and are supplied with ends for customer sealing.

All cans are available in various finishes and type of side-seam.

Finishes available are Plain(Silver), Silver-glow, Gold, Printed Standard White or a Printed Design and are available with or without a strengthening bead.

Plain (Solvent) or Lacquered (Water based) Internal finishes.

Sure-Can is able to provide customisable decoration and finishing to give your products a unqiue look and professional finish

  • Plain or pattern designs
  • Embossing (e.g. Batch number, date or custom design)

(Customers are responsible for testing the suitability of contents.)


We can also manufacture money box tins (on any diameter) with two sizes of slot. Bigger tins can be fitted with handles. 


Sure-Can is capable of producing specialised containers to meet the needs of your bespoke requirements. We have experience in manufacturing safe, reliable bespoke containers for

  • Pressure safe air freight containers
  • Nuclear industry storage


Sure-Can is capable of producing specialised containers to meet the needs of your bespoke requirements. We manufacture Open-Top, Ring Pull, Curl Top, and manufacture plug lid tins on 113 & 153mm Diameter. Follower plates are also available on these diameters.